Sam & Max : Freelance Police - SOUNDS!!!

I'm brimming with a little bit of pride. I think I need something blunt and heavy dropped on me. You see, I think I'm the first person to put sounds online from the series, "Sam & Max : Freelance Police," one of the greatest cartoon series of all time. Take the gross-out humor of "Ren & Stimpy," bundle it up with the satire and bizarre mentality of "The Simpsons." Then, give them ammunition powerful enough to blow a hole in the ozone layer bigger than your sweet Aunt Mildred's fanny, bless her mangled liver. Now you've got Sam and Max in a nutshell. Now, I could be wrong about my groundbreaking action; I might be just to get crushed by the Fox anti-wav juggernaut. But I'll have my time here... Hopefully, I'll get some new ones up soon. Until then, enjoy!

NOTE: All files are in .wav format.

arsenal.wav - The boys discuss their big guns. (59k)

crackup.wav - Sam's trademark phrase on the show - "You crack me up, little buddy!" (19k)

defeated.wav - Max explains the downfall of the Uglions to Geek. (152k)

donttry.wav - Sam gives an obligatory disclaimer. (53k)

Gary's battle cry - "This is what I think you are!" - as said by:

granny.wav - Sam remembers some words of wisdom... (83k)

handling.wav - The boys take umbrage at how the Uglions handle Geek. (70k)

maxrecap.wav - Max describes the exciting battle between he and Sam versus the Mad Thespian. (103k)

peanuts.wav -The boys discuss how to get rid of Lorne, the Friend For Life. (145k)

readymax.wav - Sam and Max prepare for ACTION!!! (48k)

relation.wav - Max gets all warm and squishy. (84k)

sciopath.wav - Max admires the Mad Thespian's fashion sense. (80k)

symbiotc.wav - The boys discuss their plans for Gary. (96k)

tippy.wav - Max misses Gary's beastly creation. (66k)

turtle.wav - The boys learn of Gary's special power. (85k)

turtle2.wav - Max gets ticked when Gary turns Sam into a pinata horse. (109k)

unctious.wav - The boys take an oath. (59k)

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