Subdirectory - September 1995 - Edition 1.2
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Well, It's been a whole four months since I've been at the keys of the Subdirectory, so I should have a lot to talk about. But, strangely enough, I don't. Ah, well.

I am in jubilant celebration because, like a phoenix out of the ashes, baseball has been reborn. I know all you pinheads that say they could never watch another ball game again. But I just have been sucked in for two reasons, mainly. One, my favorite team, the Boston Red Sox, have all but locked up a slot in the playoffs, which itself is being called a blasphemy by the baseball naturalists, because of the new wild card slot. But the wild card race's about the best competition for this year. All of the divisions are big blowouts, with the exception of the race between Hideo Nomo and the L.A. Dodgers and Dante Bichette and the third-year expansion team Colorado Rockies. The Cleveland Indians and the Atlanta Braves have already clinched.

Second, a simple four-digit number. 2131. This number, for all of you people who think Lou Gehrig is a guy who that disease's named after, is the new record for most consecutive games played set by Cal Ripken last week. And the record's continuing to expand even as we speak. Cal's record is a living tribute to the American work ethic this country became legendary for, not a statement of a greedy ball player who needed a few extra million dollars tagged onto his salary. In my opinion, baseball is not dead, and in my mind, it won't be dead for a long time.

So that's it for this month. Please write in soon with a topic, because it's hard to come around good topics here in "Middle of Nowhere, Iowa," as I affectionately call my hometown of Somers. Until next month, this is Chris Tasler logging off.

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