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Welcome to the official home site for my immeasurable ego!!!

Sorry if I scared you there. I am Chris Tasler, a graduate of Prairie Valley High School in Gowrie, IA, who is enrolled at Luther College in Decorah, IA. And you have unfortunately stumbled upon my WWW homepage. And if you're curious, the guy on the left is Otto Flippa, Incan God of Ties. This is my unofficial shrine to he.

Well, I guess you might as well have some fun while you're at it. And to facilitate that, here is a list of files you can reach from here:

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Subdirectory - My thoughts on life for the month.

Some cool links (Yes, I know the term has been beaten to death) on the web

Eulogy of Davey - The memorial dedicated to Davey, the late dog owned by friend and Space Academy co-trainee Tammy Misuinas, of Fairborn, OH.

Denver '96 : The Online Photo Album - A project of mine featuring the best, funniest, and just plain coolest photos taken on our 1996 band trip to Colorado.

News Flash: I've moved! The people at PVHS think they need more server space, so all of us alumni are being booted! But I've got my space here now, so I don't hold any grudges... I guess...

This web site maintained by Chris Tasler, no longer under the iron fisted rule of the PVHS lab staff. Yaay Freedom!!! Opinions placed here are not the opinions of or of its owners, but those of Mr. Tasler. WARNING: Contents under pressure. This is plastic and NOT A TOY!

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