Subdirectory - November 1996 - Edition 2.2
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Welcome, everybody, to a new year of Subdirectory! I admit, this is a little late, being 12 weeks into the '96-'97 school year, but I've been saving up a lot of stuf, so what do you say we hit it off? Hold tight...

First, an update on the e-mail situation. The ban on student e-mail is still in place here, but our new Windows 95/SchoolVista network placates the urge of some students with a system where they write short memos, then send them within the school to another student. But outside access does not exist, which is a downer for some students whose only means of reaching distant family is a quick e-mail. Fortunately, though, students have been handling the memo system, and rumors are going around that there might even be a reinstatement of e-mail access at the end of the first semester. But this has little impact on me. You see, I now have internet access at home, through a local ISP (internet service provider) called Iowa Network Services, and the system has been running pretty well, except for a time last night when I, needing election information for a government project, tried to connect and was greeted with a busy signal, which lasted all night, causing me to fail in completing the project on time. But it's still pretty handy, and now I could care less about the new e-mail here at PVHS. But for the sake of everybody else, I hope the administration here brings it back very soon.

You know, if my English teacher saw that run-on sentence in the last paragraph, she'd probably flunk me...

Well, the time to choose a college is approaching quickly, and I think I've decided where I'm headed: Luther College. From what I saw when I visited there last week, I saw an excellent facility, nice, small classes, and an amazing Computer Science, due to the new Olin Building, with $6 million of high-tech systems, including about 20 SGI Indy workstations (and for you laymen out there, that translates into "Really Huge Supercomputer!") I'm about sure I'm heading there, so who knows, maybe a year from now, you'll be reading this from my Luther homepage! On the other hand, you may be reading this from a totally different school's server, and I'll look like an idiot. But I do, anyway, so what happens happens...

Well, everybody, I've plum run out of ideas for this month, but, trust me, there'll be a lot more where this came from. Until next month, this is Chris Tasler, logging off. Go Back to Subdirectory Menu

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