Subdirectory - March 1996 - Edition 1.5
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Today, I got a letter frome someone in the Pacific Northwest, and he asked me what people around here like to do on the weekend. Well, it's just a matter of who you ask. Me, I hardly have any time to do anything, with all of the projects for band, speech and quiz bowl going on. But, when I can find time, I hang out with my friends, go catch a movie, or just kick back and rest. With the dullness of life here in Iowa, there isn't much to do for really cool things (big concerts, major pro sports teams, etc.), so we have some fun on our own terms.
Meanwhile, life has been simple here in Grover's Corners. (and a free e-mail from me to whoever can write me and tell me what movie I paraphrased that line from!) Yeah, I know, great prize, huh?
Well, a point of interest this year has been the Republican candidates, and I, being a big Republican supporter, thought I'd express my views. So, here goes...

Well, I've said what I've wanted, so I'll see you here next month. This is Chris Tasler, logging out.

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