Subdirectory - May 1998 - Edition 3.1
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Long lost, but never forgetting my faithful fans (in other words, HI MOM!), I've finally gotten around to a new Subdirectory. It took me 16 months to get around to it... now that's just pathetic...

Well, a helluva lot of things have changed in my life. Apparently, I must've been psychic - here I am, at Luther College, struggling my way through Paideia, the sadistic freshman-required course here. I've learned a lot about life, and here's a bit of knowledge I've learned:

But a little addendum to #10; I still love my friends at home the most. We share an emotional connection. I've found that my friends at college rarely, if ever, actually talk about their feelings. Half the stuff that comes up is either our common interests or trashing each other's reps. But my friends at home and I share an intimate connection. We actually say what we feel, and are always there to support each other. Sure, we give each other crap. But we know we're just joking. As the year draws to a close, I'm hoping we have the best summer, as the core of our group splits up to go for college. So I give my love to all of my dear friends: Ruben (Come back, Joey Jo-Jo!), Arkay (imagine an air-horn noise here if you can,) Mary (glad you didn't get hit by those cars at Casa Bonita,) Knudes (sorry for ruining your life with that nickname... :P), Sarah (no, I don't call you Squishy anymore,) Roberts (boobs...), Laura (if you ever wanna cruise Wal-Mart in formal wear again, I'm there,) and Alicia (nice hangers you got here...) And if anyone reading this happens to go to DotFest IIv on June 12th, look for Alicia and I. We'll be the blonde girl and the giant white Urkel at the edge of the mosh pit, cowering in fear. :P Big hugs and mad props to all y'all!

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