Subdirectory - May 1996 - Edition 2.1
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Here I am again, doing my usual things, but this month, I have something special to celebrate: I'm starting in on year two of my homepage, and I'm hyped, so let's get started.
First thing, we've hit a sort of a crisis here at PVHS. Even though the students here have been warned many times, the obscene e-mail has finally broken the patience of the teachers here, and we've been shut off from e-mail here "until further notice" (rumor has it that that means the rest of the school year - three weeks,) and I can't help but feel responsible a little bit, even if I did nothing wrong. You see, I got the final dirty e-mail. Thanks to the simple adaptability of Eudora for the Power Macs here, somebody sent an obscene e-mail under my e-mail address, and I got the response yesterday, which I reported to the proper authorities. The e-mail system was subsequently shut down. So I feel a little guilty, but the person who should feel worse should be the empty-headed fool who used my address. If they would have never sent that letter, he or she would probably be still sending his e-mails across the district, passing notes to their friends, not able to see beyond our little intranet, and out into the electronic frontier. I've broken into that frontier, and now I have to pay for somebody else's wrong doing. Thanks for nothing.

Okay, Chris, count to ten... just relax... simmer down... okay, I'm all better...

In other news... well... there's not much to really do over here, so I'm really looking ahead to next year, as I begin my final year here at PVHS. I've gotten mail from tons of colleges all over the country, and I've got tons of merits to my name, which will definitely help me move to the next level. Mainly, I have two ideas for colleges to go to: either Iowa State - a dream I've had all of my life - or to just enroll somewhere totally out of Iowa. I'm sick of this state. Sure, it's a great place to live - low crime rate, great schools, um... unique weather - but I've been here for 17 years, and I'm just sick of it, so I want to move on and see the world. About the only sure thing is that I'm going to major in a computer class, most likely Computer Science. So I guess I'm good to go... sort of...

Well, this is most likely my final Subdirectory for the 1995-96 school year, so I just thought I'd tell you it's been a great year. Thanks to my friends and family for supporting me in my endeavours on the information superhighway, thanks to all of the students here at PVHS who helped out on the Online Band Trip project (keep sending those pictures in!), and thanks to pretty much everyone who has looked at a page I've programmed and enjoyed it. So, what can I say, besides... This is Chris Tasler, logging out. See you next year.

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