Subdirectory - May 1995 - Edition 1.1
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As I write my first "editorial" for the PVHS WWW site, I shine with gladness because our worst fear is over. Yes, that's right. "Full House" is finally off the air. Yeah, I know, millions of children are depressed that they will never see their dear Olson twins portraying Michelle on national television. But on the other hand, millions of parents are relieved that they won't have to waste their money on Kate and Ashley Olson CD's, videos and dolls.

That's what the Power Rangers are for.

In sports, I'd swear Dennis Rodman has finally snapped. His May 22 performance against the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Finals of the NBA Playoffs was appalling. If he wasn't spacing out away from the team huddle and removing his $200 Nikes (probably dreaming about Madonna) at the end of the game, the San Antonio Spurs possibly could have won Game 1. How hard does he try to be a loner, with the amazing technicolor dreamhair, the body piercing, the bad attitude, eating stuffed crust pizza from the right end, and that weird outfit he's wearing on the cover of SI? (The outfit, by the way, is a tank top, hot pants and a rhinestone collar. Not normal.) Thank god for players like Michael Jordan, Grant Hill and Shaq O'Neal. The NBA would be in trouble if it wasn't for them.

This is it for this month, and for the summer possibly. Or I could come back and make another article for the school during wacation. I can't predict the future. If I could, I would probably be working at some cheesy 1-900 fortune teller line. Ah, well. Until next time, this is Chris Tasler, logging out.

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