Subdirectory - February 1996 - Edition 1.4
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Well, here I am, back again at the keys of my favorite Power Mac, ready to kick out another edition of Subdirectory. I've gotten E-mail from a reader, asking me why I haven't been writing editions lately. It's because I've been so busy with all of these projects here at PVHS. In the past semester, we've built homepages for the Iowa Association of School Boards and the Webster County Economic Development Corporation, as well as being given the daunting task of fully redesigning the PVHS homepage (which will be known as PVNet,) and founding the new PVNet Homepage Development Team. And with all of these projects going on, it's just been way too hectic to constantly update my own homepage. But, hey, I'm trying...
In that same letter, I was given a subject to talk about (somebody actually gave me a topic!!!), and they wanted to ask me about the Super Bowl. So I will. I'm sick of it. It's just not interesting anymore. Mainly, I'm sick of there being a lack of competition. Besides Super Bowls XXV and XXX, there hasn't been a really good game in the past ten years. It's pretty much an exhibition for the NFC. It's been, what, 12 years since the AFC won? And now, nobody even cares about the game. It's the ads and the show afterwards that matters. Finally, I'm sick of people who always jump around to a new team come Super Bowl time. It's like last year, when the San Francisco 49ers won Super Bowl XXIX, then, suddenly, a huge following grows behind the 49ers, mainly all of those big Cowboy fans from the year before. And now, all those converted 49ers fans are Cowboys fans again. It shows a lack of loyalty for sports teams nowadays. I admit, I jumped on the Bears bandwagon ten years ago, when they won Super Bowl XX, but I'm still a huge Bears fan now. In my mind, loyalty is sticking with the team, through good times and bad. The Bears go 5-11? I don't go running to a new team. I think, "Ah, well, they'll do better next year." So, in my mind, the Super Bowl won't be a "must see" game until:

Well, I'm out for now, so keep the e-mail coming, send me some articles about what you think, and I'll see you later. This is Chris Tasler, logging out.

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