Subdirectory - April 1996 - Edition 1.6
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Before I begin, I have to admit that Daylight Savings Time sucks. Sure, it's nice to have an extra hour of daylight every day, but I still haven't caught up with normal times. I haven't gotten a good night of sleep since, plus I have been hardly able to keep awake in some of my classes. It's rough...
Well, we had an awesome time at Colorado this year, but I learned that it isn't just the sights or the "valuable" practice that makes the trip what it is, but it's the interaction with all of the band members. Normally, I would probably be too shy to even talk to some of the people I hung out with through the duration of the trip. But, instead, now I know tons of things about those people. Now, I can look at some of our band, and I don't think, "Hey, there's that kid whose name I can never remember," I think, "Hey, there's that kid who told me about their life at another school," or "There's that person who helped me destroy the 'Who's On First' bit." Thanks, everyone, for showing me what a great time could be had by just interacting.
And, speaking of the band trip, I have started a new project. I'm busy planning a band trip photo album online, so everyone can see what a great time we all had. But what I need is your help, because if I just used my pictures, not everyone could relate to my memories (but they sure would get a kick out of Ruben and Arkay's Arby's incident - you'll see what I mean when I get the album online,) so I'm asking for your pictures. Be assured, you will get your pictures back as long as you remember to write your name on the back, otherwise, return of your pictures cannot be guaranteed, even though I promise I will try to find who it belongs to before I trash it or lose it in the mix. Click here for more information. Let's try and make this one of the better pages here.
Well, if you've seen my past reports, you should know that I'm a huge baseball fan, especially of the Boston Red Sox. Well, you can guess how disappointed I am in Boston's performance. They're off to the team's worst start EVER!!! They've gone 2 and 12 in 14 games, with 21 errors, setting them on a pace to get about 280 this season, which would shatter an old record, from the Mets' second or third season, by 70! And, in my mind, that wouldn't be a good honor to be bestowed. So this year's team has a lot of power - Vaugn, Canseco, Valentin, Mitchell, etc. - but this year's team reminded me of an ad campaign I've seen on ESPN: "Power Is Nothing Without Control." Figure it out, guys. Get some gloves in town, or you'll really regret it in October.
Well, my mind's all overworked for this month, so I'm signing out. Keep the e-mails coming. Until next month, I'm out.

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