The Road to Elsewhere

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Tired of this site? Well, I've got a few good ideas for you. Check these out.

Chat Programs

WebChat Broadcast System - I used to hardly pay attention, but, in my opinion, this is now THE best WWW chat program available. They have a topic of interest for everybody!


ESPNET SportsZone - Excellent sports site. Schedules, stats, profiles, chat, you name it, they got it.

2000 Summer Olympics - The official site of the XXVII Summer Olympiad, straight out of Sydney. To be honest, this link is only still here 'cuz I used to have a link to the Atlanta Olympics here, but I was too lazy to delete the thing... - The official site of my favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. - The official NBA home page, including listings of all of the teams and players in the National Basketball Association.


Star Trek Continuum - The home of everything Star Trek, including previews for DS9 and Voyager and an online edition of the Star Trek Encyclopedia.

The Simpsons - A great archive, with summaries of nearly all of the episodes, including the "Tracey Ullman" shorts. Really falling out of date lately, though...

c|net Online - The online companion to c|net, a group of TV programs - "c|net Central," The Web," and "The New Edge", on USA Network and the Sci-Fi Channel. This is a great place to find anything about computers or the Internet.

MTV Online - Okay, I've fallen in love with this channel ever since I started going here for college. It's pretty pathetic (me, not the page. The page rocks...)

Just Plain Funky...

The Gowrie Noose Online - a hilarious parody of my local newspaper discovered by Nate Niceswanger, a PVHS alumnus who is now a computer programmer in the Des Moines area.

U.S. Space Camp - The official page of the excellent education program, this page's QTVR movies brought back (sob) a lot of memories...

Bezerk - THe best entertainment site on the web. Home of You Don't Know Jack - The Netshow and Acrophobia, the ultimate online multiplayer game, and with no bloodshed, who'd've guessed?

- The official home page of Scott Adams' "Dilbert," the coolest comic strip on earth.

KWLC - the website for 1240 AM Decorah, the best dang radio station in the world... well, in my opinion... and be sure to catch "Chris Runs With Scissors" every Saturday night from 10:30 to midnight for the best in progressive rock!

Link Directories


Alta Vista - Hands down, the best search engine on the net. It literally searches every word on every page on the World Wide Web.

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