The Best of the Best at PVHS

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Finally, after a year of waiting, Prairie Valley High School has some good homepages!!! So I have decided to build a page presenting them to you. Remember, some of these pages are heavily in construction, so tread these waters cautiously. And also, any health problems developed from the pages following are not covered in our guarantee, so we are not responsible from any potential harm the user (you) may experience.

Students and Alumni

Ruben Newell - Without a doubt, the best homepage here besides mine. He's done a smooth mix between a humorous page (like mine) and a resumé-style page.

Arkay King - A page that looks nearly in the same style of Ruben Newell's page, and for good reason; Ruben helped her design it. Still great, even though it's in its early stages.

Nick Fiala - Pretty much the opposite of what this page is meant for. I've heard of "short and simple," but this takes the cake. A friend told me this page made Mirsky's Worst of the Web.


Mike Latta - The new tech director (or some big-sounding computer job title like that) here at PV, he has only one page, but I like it because of two reasons. One, he has a really cool background. Two, he has an incredible group of links listed.

Mike Sorenson - Better known to the students here as "S," I think the chemistry teacher here went overboard with the nickname concept... Still, he has a good page here.

Joe Verbrugge - The mathematics/physics/computer science teacher here, he has a nicely filled out page here. He has taken the resumé concept to the next level.

Alan Greiner - The band director and webmaster here, he's had tons of experience on the net. He has an even better page than I do (yes, believe it or not, I have actually put my ego aside for once!) He taught everybody else here how to work on the net.

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