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Denver '96 : The Official Online Band Trip Photo Album

The "Arby's Incident"

Date: April 13, 1996
Time: Approximately 12:30
Place: An Arby's in Colorado Springs

First, a little about the area. For some odd reason, the bathrooms for the Arby's were placed outside of the restaurant, right next to the ordering display for the drive-thru window.
Ruben Newell, Chris Knudson, Brenda Birkland, Arkay King and I had just eaten at the Arby's, and when we were through, Arkay and Brenda had to go to the bathroom. They had washed their hands, but they found that the soap dispenser was not totally secured to the wall, as we learned when they had brought the soap dispenser out of the women's room with them. Ruben then agreed to fix it, and he quickly restored the soap dispenser to its original position. But Ruben thought it would be funny if they had a photo to commemorate the moment. So Chris Knudson took a photo of Ruben, Arkay and Brenda, but then a minivan pulled up to the drive-thru display, and as Brenda walked out, Arkay did the most logical thing : SHE SLAMMED THE DOOR ON THE WOMEN'S ROOM WITH HER AND RUBEN INSIDE!!!
Well, they were just going to wait for the minivan to pull out of the way, when two more cars happened to pull up. Finally, Arkay gave up on waiting for the cars to pull out, so she opened the door, and I got the picture shown above. Then, after they both had exited the room, Arkay said, in a monotone voice loud enough for the people in the cars to hear, "Thank you, Ruben, for helping us fix the soap dispenser. We really appreciate it." We all then laughed and went on with our day, but we knew this would be one of the highlights of the trip.

-Christopher Tasler