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Chris Tasler

This will be the place where I'll post some of my poetic scribblings.  My writing tends to be very sporadic - the last poem I wrote was done in February - but if I have a creative spark, there will be more here.  As for now, though, there are only three.  Hope you like it.

Beep                                           01.18.99

We're in touch this
dial one to make a call that
But it's not the same.
Your soft hair can't come through a handset
Your sweet perfume can't arrive at fifty six point six kilobauds
I can't hold you close with a pen and paper
I cherish every input I get from you
But it's not the same.
It's a global community now
Everyone can reach everyone can reach everyone can reach everyone can reach everyone can reach
But six hours is still a damn long drive.
I need to smell taste hear see feel comprehend you
I need tangibility
You within inches of me, not
Me at one-two-oh-dot-one-nine-nine-dot-one-oh-three-dot-one and
You at eight-nine-dot-two-one-seven-dot-eight-two-dot-three
Because it's not the same.
You.  Here.  Now.  Everything.
I miss you.
End download.

Accompanist (for Alicia)                  01.24.99

Now that I think of it
I was right
I do need you
Hell opened around me
But you were my salvation
I have no fear as long as I have you
Your assuring smile
Telling me
"I'm here for you.  No matter what."
Your deep blue eyes
Holding mine in sync with yours
Reminding me someone's been down this road before
And I feel your pain too
Holding your hand as we
Cross the darkness
Any time I need you, I know
You'll be there
And I'd do the same
We're so symbiotic
One without the other would be a paler shade
But together
The universe's beauty is vivid in you
You're a gift from God
Thank you
Now that I think of it.

Break                                   02.19.99

Change is good,
someone said once.
Sometimes, I think he's
Right on the money.
But he's also
Wrong Sometimes.
Many friends I've lost forever.
I miss them as I would
An arm
A leg.
You and I talked baseball.
You got me sick on your popcorn.
You let me into your social circle.
You were my first crush.
You helped me reconnect with my childhood.
You gave me my first kiss - and left me in the cold.
You were the second girl I kissed - but we both knew it was a joke.
I miss your company.
And I don't know how I could go on.
But losing you makes me
Appreciate the wonderful things
In my life.
You left a void, but
I have no need to fill it.
I'll always remember.

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© 2001 Chris Tasler