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Chris Tasler
Stuff I Bow Down To

Here's the place where I keep my favorite links.  Stuff I simply think is cool.  No true criteria to it; I look at it and think, "Whoa, that's cool," I put it in.  Plain and simple.

Web Comics

I read way too many online comics.  Much more cutting-edge and unique than the stuff in the Sunday funnies.  But just as good, if not better.
- A squad of alien abductees are the only line of defense between us and a mass Martian invasion.  And the hero's about as bright as... um... something that's not really bright.  Fear for us.  (By the way, while you're there, check out its prequel, Roomies.  How a "college life" comic segues into a sci-fi adventure still boggles me...)
- Drama.  Romance.  High school.  Canadian stuff.  Weird names.  All good.

- Joe Average
- The day-in, day-out life of a guy whose life makes Radiohead seem like cheery power pop.
- Humorous goings on at a British magazine.  Very... um... British.  Oh, and watch for the occasional Mr. T or Drew Barrymore cameo.  Don't ask.
- Some guys, their computers, their video games and their women.  In that order, the fools...
- Ever play Final Fantasy?  This guy lives it.  Many inside jokes for RPG geeks like myself.
- One man's memories of a messed-up childhood.  Not for the meek...
PENNY ARCADE - A look at the gaming industry through the eyes of two of the most jaded, quick-to-anger gamers ever.  Oh, and it's too hard to find a link pic there, hence the lo-fi non-pic...

Other Cool Links - The definitive website for all Transformers geeks.  Whether you're into the originals, Beast Wars or Beast Machines, go here first! - Ever watch TV and realize you like the ads a lot more than the show you're watching?  Go here to find the best ads on television.
Gundam Project - Okay, I admit it.  I am obsessed with Gundam Wing.  The show rocks.  And this site is the best place for info on GW, as well as all of the other Gundam anime series from the past 20 years, including the original, First Gundam, debuting on Cartoon Network in Spring 2001 (Look, kids, I just made this page look incredibly dated!)
Toonami Digital Arsenal - And for all those other shows on Toonami - and some that aren't there yet - go here.  Sweet video clips, including the final episode of GW.  See, I'm obsessed!  Free cable in a dorm room is the worst thing that could've ever happened to me...
- I am now addicted to Final Fantasy IX.  I blame my roommate.  Anyway, check this site out for info on the way sweet game series and movie.  Blast you, roomie... :P

There will be more here soon... I think...

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