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Christopher Tasler

Life In General

Welcome to my website!  I'm Chris, the geeky guy with the broom up above.  Basically, I'm using this place as a creative outlet, and as a place to post other creative outlets (i.e., my poetry, other websites I've done, doodles I've scribbled down during class, et cetera.)  But first, before you delve into my psyche, I'll hook you up with the 411 on my life story.

I'm a 22-year-old kid (no, that's not an oxymoron...) from a small town in Iowa, generally in the middle of nowhere.  I did time in the Cedar Valley / Prairie Valley educational system for about thirteen years or so. Since then, it's been an adventure.

Let's see, since then, I've gone to and returned from Luther College in Decorah, IA, my dad ran out on my family, the family farm all but collapsed, I've earned an Associate's Degree in broadcasting at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge, IA (while living with three women, mind you - okay, my mom, grandma and sis, but so?) and I'm now enrolled at Iowa State University in Ames, IA. It's been an adventure...

Of course, I'd have never gotten this far without my friends.  I'd like to thank all of the people who consider me their friend, and wish them all the best.  I love you all.

This one's for you, kid.

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© 2001 Chris Tasler